This is it, folks, the big one. We're finishing not only this book, but the whole trilogy we've been working on since the show started. Will they love...View Details

Lot of chapters in this, the penultimate episode of the Mistborn era 1 trilogy. Vin's a god now. Whoda thunkit? Certainly not any of our crew. No one ...View Details

Everyone is hyped by reading one of the coolest fights in the series, Vin vs more than a dozen inquisitors. Goradel dies, which is a bummer, but it pa...View Details

Long episode this week. There's just so much starting to happen. Vin and Yomen make friends (kinda?), Vin kills Marsh (briefly), and Ruin proves that,...View Details

In these chapters, things really start to heat up, sometimes quite literally. Spook has his heroic almost-death moment, and gets some begrudging respe...View Details

Big week for emails. So stay tuned through the end for some interesting discussion that comes out of those. On the whole, though, our crew were big fa...View Details

A nice mix of perspectives in this week's chapters. I daresay, we're setting the stage for some Sanderlanche-ing. This week our crew is delighted to s...View Details

This week the crew continues to be hard on Spook. I hear, you, audience. I know it's heartbreaking for some who love Spook, but, in this case at least...View Details

Threw you all a bit of a curveball and tossed in chapter 44 last minute. Still, it ends us in a great spot. Listen to what our crew thinks about the a...View Details

In this episode, we find out the dark secret of the Koloss. Yes, beyond being hideous abominations who slaughter indiscriminately, there's even more m...View Details

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