Archive for June 2020

In this episode everyone just goes off on Spook. I mean we give him a seriously hard time. After that, we talk about all the great character developme...View Details

In these chapters, Vin gets a lesson in bronze and Kelsier inspects the army. After really enjoying a deeper look into Vin's family history as well as...View Details

In this episode, Vin attends her second ball and Kelsier has a night on the town. It's kind of like when other people have a night on the town, only w...View Details

Turns out 4 chapters makes for a pretty long episode. In this episode we talk about Vin and Kelsier's invasion of Kredik Shaw, and the near-disastrous...View Details

In these chapters, Vin attends her first ball in the guise of noblewoman Valette Renoux. Then she follows Kelsier out into the night and we finally le...View Details

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