Archive for November 2020

Vin sits out these chapters entirely, and, surprisingly, our crew is kind of energized by that. Maybe it's the fact that Elend is finally acting like ...View Details

Be careful what you wish for. Our crew finally gets their long-awaited action scene, and it's ... it's a rough one. There's body parts exploding and V...View Details

Our crew is really vibing with these chapters, despite the continued lack of action scenes. Don't get me wrong, Joe and Dac still don't love Cett, but...View Details

In this episode, we've got some meta discussions of the book and how we're feeling now that we're about halfway through. Jaymee has had enough of libr...View Details

A deep discussion of The Deepness takes place in these chapters, and our newbies couldn't be happier about it. Who cares about who gets to be king whe...View Details

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