This week we start in on Elantris. Every is pretty pumped to be trying out something new, even if the various fantasy names Brandon came up with do ca...View Details

Our time on Scadrial draws to a close this week, at least for now. It's bittersweet for some of the crew. On the one hand, we get to see our old frien...View Details

Lots of weirdness this week, not the least of which is the IRE and what the heck is going on with any of that. There's cons being pulled and possibly ...View Details

Courtesy of Sasha: In this episode, we get Khrissalla Explains It All and then a Ghost Road Trip!

Kelsier spends an episode imprisoned, and he's not liking it one bit. Our crew however is really getting into Secret History. The Drifter in particula...View Details

We begin delving into the mysteries of Mistborn: Secret History this episode. No one knew quite what to expect going in, but they pretty much all knew...View Details

This is it, folks, the big one. We're finishing not only this book, but the whole trilogy we've been working on since the show started. Will they love...View Details

Lot of chapters in this, the penultimate episode of the Mistborn era 1 trilogy. Vin's a god now. Whoda thunkit? Certainly not any of our crew. No one ...View Details

Everyone is hyped by reading one of the coolest fights in the series, Vin vs more than a dozen inquisitors. Goradel dies, which is a bummer, but it pa...View Details

Long episode this week. There's just so much starting to happen. Vin and Yomen make friends (kinda?), Vin kills Marsh (briefly), and Ruin proves that,...View Details

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