Joe is out for a few weeks to spend time with his new baby. This time around we thought we'd try to go a little more on-brand for Sanderlanche content...View Details

We've arrived at a mysterious temple high up in the mountains, and things are taking a decided Indiana Jones-esque turn in this book. Or The Golden Ch...View Details

We finally meet Telsin, and every person on our podcast crew is convinced she must be a secret bad guy. Are they right? Well, too soon to tell. Beyond...View Details

It's time to invade a ... warehouse. Ok, so that's not terribly dramatic sounding, but believe me, it's pretty intense. In these chapters our characte...View Details

Joe missed this episode but did send in a few thoughts that you can find inserted toward the end. Otherwise this is a wacky, action-packed entry. Expl...View Details

Just about all our characters get their chance to shine in these chapters. Marasi, Wayne, and Steris all get some terrific moments for the crew to app...View Details

On this week's episode we arrive at New Seran and are treated to something out of a sketch comedy show. Seriously, Wax and co should take this act on ...View Details

These chapters feature some very cute relationship moments and the train robbery that contributed heavily to the choice of song for this book. In addi...View Details

It probably won't come as a shock to too many listeners, especially after last week, but the crew is getting a little bit tired of Wayne and his selfi...View Details

And we begin the last currently-published book of Mistborn Era 2. There's a lot of excitement among the crew as the possibilities multiply. As for the...View Details

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