Big week for emails. So stay tuned through the end for some interesting discussion that comes out of those. On the whole, though, our crew were big fa...View Details

A nice mix of perspectives in this week's chapters. I daresay, we're setting the stage for some Sanderlanche-ing. This week our crew is delighted to s...View Details

This week the crew continues to be hard on Spook. I hear, you, audience. I know it's heartbreaking for some who love Spook, but, in this case at least...View Details

Threw you all a bit of a curveball and tossed in chapter 44 last minute. Still, it ends us in a great spot. Listen to what our crew thinks about the a...View Details

In this episode, we find out the dark secret of the Koloss. Yes, beyond being hideous abominations who slaughter indiscriminately, there's even more m...View Details

In this week's episode we catch up again with TenSoon and our old pal Marsh... Not together. That would be a weird pairing. Still, nice to see old fri...View Details

We're back from our break and only a little bit rusty. But we do get to talk about Vin attending her first ball since that time that she killed Shan E...View Details

In this episode, Spook continues to get no pity, particularly from Joe, but if you weren't expecting that by this point you probably haven't been payi...View Details

We've made it to Fadrex city. What a trek, huh? Honestly, after 2 books cooped up in Luthadel, I think our Sanderlanche crew is just glad to be out an...View Details

In this episode Spook is not good at flirting. Also he is visited by the ghost of Kelsier, who we decide must be here to talk to him about copyright i...View Details

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