In this week's episode we catch up again with TenSoon and our old pal Marsh... Not together. That would be a weird pairing. Still, nice to see old fri...View Details

We're back from our break and only a little bit rusty. But we do get to talk about Vin attending her first ball since that time that she killed Shan E...View Details

In this episode, Spook continues to get no pity, particularly from Joe, but if you weren't expecting that by this point you probably haven't been payi...View Details

We've made it to Fadrex city. What a trek, huh? Honestly, after 2 books cooped up in Luthadel, I think our Sanderlanche crew is just glad to be out an...View Details

In this episode Spook is not good at flirting. Also he is visited by the ghost of Kelsier, who we decide must be here to talk to him about copyright i...View Details

After Dac's demand last episode to know what has happened to Spook, the universe (and Mr. Sanderson) have decided to deliver. Spook is back, and he an...View Details

The Kandra chapters are really holding the crew's attention at this point. TenSoon takes the stand in the trial of the century ... probably ... maybe ...View Details

This week our hosts are still riding the high of a new book with all sorts of exciting things happening. We get to look in on Sazed and Breeze as they...View Details

And here we are, beginning the final book of Mistborn Era 1. In this episode Joe is gleefully chowing down on tasty knowledge nuggets. Jaymee is revel...View Details

The one where we get to the end of the book. We've reached the end of our second book on the show, and everyone has mixed feelings. Well, I say that, ...View Details

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