We've made it to Fadrex city. What a trek, huh? Honestly, after 2 books cooped up in Luthadel, I think our Sanderlanche crew is just glad to be out and about breathing the clean, well, ash-filled, air of the empire. There's plots, plans, maybe even a scheme or two as Elend and co get ready to lay siege to Fadrex. Meanwhile, we get a flashback to the much-anticipated Spook origin story. Just like Solo: A Star Wars story, we're getting the answers to all those niggling questions you never cared enough to ask. Where is Spook from? What happened to his parents? And how did he get his name? ... No, not the name Spook. We know how he got that one. The other one, Lestibournes. Most importantly of all, how will these revelations affect the Spook Rap? Find out on this week's episode of The Sanderlanche!

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