A nice mix of perspectives in this week's chapters. I daresay, we're setting the stage for some Sanderlanche-ing. This week our crew is delighted to see TenSoon return, even if his chapter is largely telling us how terrible things have gotten. They like seeing Elend strike out on his own, even if his chapter is largely depressing introspection. And they love seeing Spook because it gives everyone an opportunity to rag on him some more. My favorite, on the other hand, was Vin's chapter with the banter. Maybe that's just me. Even better, though, is the part where someone gives me an excuse to bust out the statistics on what countries our listeners are from. Find out the top 7 for April on this week's episode of The Sanderlanche! (I know, I know, I'm the only one who gets excited for those bits; I get to have fun too, you know!)

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